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        发布日期:16-01-25       文章归类:英语名言       标签: 高尔基 学习 思考 爱因斯坦 求学

          Study two bogey, arrogant and self. - Digest
          Step up study, seize the center, rather fine not miscellaneous, rather than more. -- Zhou Enlai
          Labor through the body, learning through the soul. -- Smith
          Scientific research is like a board of wood, some people like to drill thin; and I like to drill thick. -- Einstein
          Science is more modest than ignorance. -- Spencer
          The bird to fly first wings, who seek to improve themselves to reading. -- Li Kuchan
          Many ancient aristocratic, but good. Between heaven and earth the first character, or reading. - "maxim Lianbi"
          Repetition is the mother of learning. -- Dickens
          There is no shortcut to learning, step by step to the peak. -- Gao Yongzuo
          Man is not only by his birth to have everything, but by what he got from the study to create their own. -- Gerd
          To live is to learn, to learn is not to live. -- Bacon
          Learn to be good at thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. -- Einstein
          The situation is in constant change, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn. -- Mao Zedong
          I learned a lifetime, and now I am still learning, and in the future, as long as I have the energy, I have to learn to go. -.
          Isn't it a pleasure to study, learn and? -- Kong Zi
          It is not difficult to learn a foreign language, learning a foreign language is like making friends, friends are the more pay more familiar, meet every day, between friends intimacy. -- Gao Shiqi
          Do a diligent, diligent and brain diligent in learning, you can become a man of learning. -- Wu Han
          The right way is to take what you have done, and then go straight on. -- Lev Tolstoy
          As long as there is nothing to know, we should always learn. Little Seneca
          Don't get a friend by presenting a gift. You have to contribute your Zhiqing love and learn how to win the heart of a person in the right way. - Socrates
          "Sir, he is not supposed to teach, his duty is to teach a man; students should not only study, his duty is to learn the way of life.". -- Tao Xingzhi
          Determined to think of the true character, reading must do the hard work. -- Ruan Yuan
          Learn a lot of tricks, that is, all of a sudden not to learn a lot of. -- Rock
          A love book, he must not be the lack of a faithful friend, a good teacher, a lovely companion, a warm comfort. Brro
          Knowledge from books is to be acquired from life. -- Mao Dun
          Learning is like riding a boat behind. - "augmented" Xianwen
          Study will be used; reading first in an open mind. - "highlights" antithetical couplet
          Knowledge is the guide of life to a candle light and the real boundary and dimwitted are obstacles to the light and the real boundary, also is the life of the development of the disorder. -- Li Dazhao
          Success in learning may lead to a greater interest in learning, and improve the student's self concept as a learning. -- Bloom
          Reading and learning, with the help of other people's ideas and knowledge, set up their own ideas and knowledge. -- Pushkin
          The more books you read, the more you will find you know; and when you read, the more you think about it, the more clearly you will see that you know very little. -- Voltaire
          Don't read in the middle of the night five drum work, but work hard for. -- Guo Moruo
          Efficiency comes from diligence., shortage in the play; line into Si, destroyed with. -- Han Yu
          Reading is easy, thinking is difficult, but the lack of one, it is no use. -- Franklin
          Don't work for me, or die. -- Lomonosov
          Often keep on learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have. - Golgi
          The situation is constantly changing, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn. -- Mao Zedong
          The husband learns Sushi Ya, just need to learn also. Non learning without wide, not only to learn. -- Zhu Geliang
          Man's genius is only a spark, but if you want to make it a raging flame, it is only to learn! Study - Golgi
          As long as the heart is still jumping, we must work hard to learn. -- Zhang Haidi
          Reading is to learn, to use is to learn, but also more important to learn. -- Mao Zedong
          Book is 100 to read, read and think that child. -- Su Shi
          The three conditions of study are: multi observation, much suffering, much research. -- Gafilao
          Youth is one of the most active and the most active forces in the whole social force. They are most willing to learn, at least to keep their mind, especially in the socialist era. -- Mao Zedong
          If students study in school, the result is that they will not create anything, then his life is always copied and copied. -- Lev Tolstoy
          Talent like natural plants, need pruning by study. -- Bacon
          If the study only lies in the imitation, then we will not have the science, also will not have the technology. - Golgi
          How to learn to learn to read for the li. -- Ou Yangxiu
          The nail has two advantages: one is squeezing and a drill. We should advocate this kind of "nail" spirit, be good at squeezing and drilling. -- Lei Feng
          Knowledge is as precious as the blood of the human body. People are lack of blood, the body will be weak, the lack of knowledge, the mind is going to dry up. -- Gao Shiqi
          Only if the students do not take all the time in the study, and leave a lot of free time, he can successfully learn, this is the logic of the process of education. -- Sue Home Linsky
          Between today and tomorrow, there is a very long time; while you still have the spirit of the time, learn to act quickly. -- Gerd
          Do not do too much reading, but to add thinking, this study make me a lot. -- Rousseau
          Non learning without wide, not only to learn. -- Zhu Geliang
          Learning must be combined with hard work. -- Tagore
          People who do not read, the thought will stop. -- Diderot
          Life is the most precious life, life is most needed is to learn, life is the most enjoyable work, life is the most important friendship. -- Stalin
          Reading and learning is the thought of the regular nutrition, is the endless development of ideas. - Gontcharov
          The more people's knowledge is, the more perfect the human itself is. - Golgi
          Youth is the time to learn wisdom, middle age is the time to put into practice. -- Rousseau
          We must give ourselves the task: first, learning, learning second, third or learning. -- Lenin

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