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          To live is to learn, to learn is not to live. -- Bacon
          If the study only lies in the imitation, then we will not have the science, also will not have the technology. - Golgi
          Our cause is to learn to learn, and strive to accumulate more knowledge, because of the knowledge, society will have great progress, the future of human happiness lies in this. -- Chekhov
          Learn to have three hearts, a confidence, two determination, three perseverance. -Chen Jingrun
          The master of the world all the wisdom and knowledge is not difficult, as long as you persevere in learning, and strive to master the rules and reach a familiar situation, will be able to digest and use it freely. -- Gao Shiqi
          Wisdom lies in learning, in the accumulation of genius. The so-called genius, in fact, is to rely on learning. -- Hua Luogeng
          Youth is the time to learn wisdom, middle age is the time to put into practice. -- Rousseau
          Reading is the best learning. Following the idea of a great man is one of the most interesting. -- Pushkin
          Interest in the content of the knowledge may become a learning motivation. - Zankov
          If you don't want to spend your whole life in the world, you have to study for a lifetime. - Golgi
          Maintaining and cultivating the self esteem of each student depends on how the teacher treats the student's individual learning achievement. -- Sue Home Linsky
          This bottomless, Mo Panghuang. - News
          The more we learn, the more we feel that we are poor. -- Shelley
          If students study in school, the result is that they will not create anything, then his life is always copied and copied. -- Lev Tolstoy
          Since ancient times, all the successful people, seriously treat his life. When he was alive for one day, to try more labor, work more, learn more, refused to wasted years, not have wasted time wasted. -- Deng Tuo
          Youth is one of the most active and the most active forces in the whole social force. They are most willing to learn, at least to keep their mind, especially in the socialist era. -- Mao Zedong
          Between today and tomorrow, there is a very long time; while you still have the spirit of the time, learn to act quickly. -- Gerd
          Reading and learning, with the help of other people's ideas and knowledge, set up their own ideas and knowledge. -- Pushkin
          You have to learn to think, and then to write. - Varro
          What constitutes the biggest obstacle to learning is what we know, not what is unknown. -- Bernard
          Now, I am afraid that it is not the hard life, but can not learn and understand the world I want to understand the urgent need to understand the world. Don't work for me, or die. -- Lomonosov
          Many young people learn to love when they learn music. -- Lai Jie
          Learning and memorization is not too lazy to literature, especially poetry. A student of the liberal arts high school, and swallowed or cursory reading ten books of poetry, than in the minutest detail recite three hundred poems. -- Zhu Ziqing
          Cultivating the ability to do things must continue to do, and at any time to improve the learning methods, improve learning efficiency, will be successful. -- Ye Shengtao
          If you want to be effective, you must concentrate on your work. Study itself is a hard thing, only to pay hard work, will have the appropriate harvest. -- Gu Chaohao
          Success in learning may lead to a greater interest in learning, and improve the student's self concept as a learning. -- Bloom
          Study is like climbing a ladder, to step by step to climb, one foot across the four or five step attempts, ground to ascend to heaven, it must be wrestling. -- Hua Luogeng
          The future truly outstanding enterprises, will be able to try to make all sectors of personnel dedicated, and have the ability to continue to learn the organization. -- Peter Senge
          Only if the students do not take all the time in the study, and leave a lot of free time, he can successfully learn, this is the logic of the process of education. -- Sue Home Linsky
          In the study, in the labor, in science, in which people's selfless service, you can find your own happiness. - Jieliansiji
          We don't need to die to read memorize something, we need to develop and enhance every learner with basic knowledge of thinking. -- Lenin
          It is not difficult to learn a foreign language, learning a foreign language is like making friends, friends are the more pay more familiar, meet every day, between friends intimacy. -- Gao Shiqi
          People want to live independently, learn useful skills. Cade:
          Study two bogey, arrogant and self. - Digest
          Ceasm.com Study hard, work hard, make youth more glorious. -- Wang Guangmei
          Study hard and make progress every day -- Mao Zedong
          Reading and writing are the two most necessary learning methods for students, and also the two windows to the world around them. -- Sue Home Linsky
          Learn to pay attention to details, not crude and careless so you can gradually, learning and exploration, find the objective law. -- Xu Teli
          The situation is constantly changing, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn. -- Mao Zedong
          Learning this matter does not care if there is no one to teach you, the most important thing is that you have no consciousness and perseverance. -- Farber
          To become laborers moralintellectual physical good, physical exercise is very important. Health is the study and future work of the. Exercise can cure all diseases, can make people healthy, quick minded, contribute to learning. -- Wu Gengmin
          I think the most beautiful theme of life and the most happy results of human life, not too learning. -- Balzac
          In the river of truth seeking, only to learn, continue to learn, hard to learn, learn creatively to the mountain across the mountains. -- Hua Luogeng
          Do a diligent, diligent and brain diligent in learning, you can become a man of learning. -- Wu Han
          If I can survive, of course I still need to learn. -- Lu Xun
          As long as the heart is still jumping, we must work hard to learn. -- Zhang Haidi
          Learning, learning, and learning! Learn and then know the problem. -- Lenin
          Life is a language, it conveys some truth to us; if we learn it in another way, we will not be able to survive. -- Schopenhauer
          Can not put the child's spiritual world into a simple learning knowledge. If we try our best to concentrate all our children's spiritual strength on our lessons, his life will become unbearable. He is not only a student, but also a person who has many interests, needs and desires. --Sue Home Linsky
          Learn to learn, is a very happy person. -- Mi Nande
          Germany can be divided into two kinds: one is the wisdom of Germany, the other is the behavior of Germany, the former is from the study, the latter is from the practice of the. -- Aristotle
          The enemy of learning is his own satisfaction, to seriously study a thing, must never be complacent start. On their own, "to the people, have an insatiable desire to learn", "tireless in teaching others, we should take this attitude. -- Mao Zedong
          Don't work for me, or die. -- Lomonosov
          Genius can not make people do not have to work, can not replace labor. To develop talent, we must work for a long time to learn and work in high tension. The more talented people, the more complex the task he faces, the more important it is. -- A Smirnov
          I learned a lifetime, and now I am still learning, and in the future, as long as I have the energy, I have to learn to go. --Billingsky
          Learning to read literature book, is also not good. Previous literary youth, often disgusted with mathematics, science, history, biology, that these are insignificant, and later became even common sense is not. -- Lu Xun
          We all learn something from our predecessors and peers. Even the greatest genius, if you want to alone with his unique inner self to deal with everything, he would never have much success. -- Gerd
          We learn to think in our labor, the result of labor, we know the secret of the world, so we really come to life. - Golgi
          Often keep on learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have. - Golgi
          We want to cheer up, study hard. Here, three words, a name, a hard, a called function, must keep up your spirits, work hard. -- Mao Zedong
          To build, we must have knowledge, we must master the science. And to have knowledge, we must learn, tenacious and patient to learn. Learn from all the people, whether they want to learn from their enemies or friends, especially learn from their enemies. -- Stalin
          Study never too late. - Golgi
          Young people first to ambition, ambition; secondly, to measure the force, determined to a useful talent of the country and the people; therefore it is necessary to choose a struggling target to study and practice. -- Wu Yuzhang
          If the school can not give students more successful experience in the classroom, they will be both in the school and also in the school are completely refused to learn and end. -- Lindgren
          Children's mind is sensitive, it is to accept everything good and open. If teachers induce children to learn from the good examples and encourage them to imitate all good behaviors, then all the shortcomings of the child will not suffer the pain and trauma to gradually disappear. -- Sue Home Linsky
          We must give ourselves the task: first, learning, learning second, third or learning. -- Lenin
          Ceasm.com Young only learn to profit, is the life of the most bleak moment. -- Greer
          Reading is to learn, to use is to learn, and is more important to learn. -- Mao Zedong
          Steel is tempered in the raging fire and sharp cooling, so it can be hard and not afraid of anything. Our generation is also in the struggle and the terrible test of exercise out, learning not to yield in front of life. -- aositeluo
          Goals established, in the course of study and practice encountered no matter what difficulties and twists and turns are not discouraged not change easily to determine their own goals, and work tirelessly to learning and struggle, so will be successful to their purpose. -- Wu Yuzhang
          The nail has two advantages: one is squeezing and a drill. We should advocate this kind of "nail" spirit, be good at squeezing and drilling. -- Lei Feng
          We must keep in mind that we have a limited time to study. Time is limited, not only because life is short, even as numerous personnel. -- Spencer
          Don't get a friend by presenting a gift. You have to contribute your Zhiqing love and learn how to win the heart of a person in the right way. - Socrates
          When all the people in this room have stopped talking, they have the opportunity to put the question to the people and learn from them. -- John Locke
          As long as there is nothing to know, we should always learn. Little Seneca
          Life is the most precious life, life is most needed is to learn, life is the most enjoyable work, life is the most important friendship. -- Stalin
          Chinese overseas students academic achievement often than American students learn together much better, but ten years later, scientific research is less than other people more, the reason is that American students thinking active, hands-on ability and creative spirit strong. -- Chen Ning Yang
          Learn to be good at thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. -- Einstein
          Who in the dress and hair on the exhaustion of thought, who has no energy for learning; who only pay attention to the beauty of the appearance of the modification, who can not get the inner beauty. -- Yang Zuntian
          Learn to be good at thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. I became a scientist by this method. -- Einstein
          People always want to learn. When I die, I will graduate from the school. -- Xiao Chunv
          As long as you are willing to learn, you will be able to learn. -- Lenin
          Politeness is a kind of language. Its rules and practice, mainly from the observation, from the educated people to learn to behave. -- Rock
          Talent like natural plants, need pruning by study. -- Bacon
          Youth is limited, wisdom is infinite, while the short youth, to learn the wisdom of infinite. -Golgi
          Socialism is a society of science and culture. To become a member of the socialist society, should strive to learn and learn well, get a lot of knowledge. -- Kalinin
          Step up study, seize the center, rather fine not miscellaneous, rather than more. -- Zhou Enlai
          Labor through the body, learning through the soul. -- Smith
          The task of the ordinary youth, especially the Communist Youth League and all other organizations, can be expressed in one sentence, that is, to learn. -- Lenin
          Man's genius is only a spark, but if you want to make it a raging flame, it is only to learn! Study - Golgi
          We should praise the rock. We should learn from the rocks. We should have a strong belief in the revolution. -- Tao Zhu
          Teaching must begin with the experience of the learner. -- Dewey
          Do not learn, learning good than idle. -- John Bayless
          Learning is like a mother's general love, it is pure and gentle joy to feed their children, if it requires additional remuneration, it may be a sin. -- Balzac
          Repetition is the mother of learning. -- Dickens
          The most important task of youth is to learn. -- Zhu De
          Learning is labor, and it is full of thought. -- Ushinski
          Any one, must develop the habit of self-study, even today in school students, also want to develop the habit of self-study, because sooner or later, always leave the school! Self learning, is a kind of independent study, independent thinking ability. On a journey, or rely on their own road. -- Hua Luogeng
          In order to succeed in life, the young people must learn to be independent, to eradicate the obstacles in the ambush, to nurture him in the family, so that he has an independent personality recognized by the people. -- Dale Carnegie
          "Sir, he is not supposed to teach, his duty is to teach a man; students should not only study, his duty is to learn the way of life.". -- Tao Xingzhi

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