Cameron Monaghan

Star from famous TV Series Shameless and a flirt in real life, Cameron Monaghan will be portraying the one and only Mason in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. Learn more about Cam here

Facts about Cameron:

Name: Cameron Monaghan
Birthday: August 16, 1993
From: Santa Monica, California, USA
Noteable Filmography: Shameless (TV Series also starring Emmy Rossum), Click (Starring Adam Sandler), SVU, Prom, Fringe.

Cameron Monaghan has played an array of characters in his life so far, probably his most famous playing a gay character in Shameless, Cameron publicily ‘came out’ as straight via twitter. In Shameless Cameron stars alongside Emmy Rossum – who starred alongside Zoey Deutch in Beautiful Creatures.

Cameron Monaghan will play Mason Ashford

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