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Strigoi in Vampire Academy

  • Strigoi are evil vampires that differ from Moroi in many many ways.
  • They are undead
  • They are made and not born.
  • Humans, Dhampirs or Moroi can be turned forcibly.
  • When a Strigoi is first made, they are awkward with their strength and speed but as time does by. They get used to their new skills and become even more deadly.
  • A Moroi that turns Strigoi loses his or her magical ability (ie. Element) and can no longer go into the sun or a church.
  • A Strigoi’s skin is chalky white and they have a red ring around their pupils.
  • Strigoi are very strong and incredibly fast. They surpass a Dhampir’s skills by a longshot.
  • A Strigoi’s thirst for blood is stronger then a Moroi’s is for human blood, but can be satiated with human, Dhampir or Moroi blood. Moroi blood however is what they truly crave and desire the most since it is Moroi blood that gives them so much power.  A Strigoi’s strength and immortality stems from their diet of Moroi blood. It is Moroi blood that makes them so powerful.

There are two ways to make a Strigoi;

1)  If a Strigoi drinks blood from his victim and then forces that person to drink Strigoi blood, he or she becomes a Strigoi

2) Strigoi is by choice, if Moroi purposely kills another person while feeding

There are Three ways to kill a Strigoi;

1) A silver stake through the heart

2) Decapitation

3) Setting them on fire

Source: Richlle Mead

Strigoi in Mythology

Strigoi, derived from striga, which in Romanian meant “scream” or “barn owl”, along with the Italian word strega, which means “witch”, and descends from the Latin word strix, for a shrieking vampiric bird.


  • Romanian mythology a Strigoi has red hair, blue eyes and two hearts.
  • Striogi are the troubled souls of the dead rising from their grave.
  • A Strigoi is different than a moroi.
  • Strigoi are also known as immortal vampires.
  • A strigoaica (singluar) is a witch, and are close relatives of werewolves.

Some can be living people with certain magical properties, which include;

  • The ability to transform into an animal such as barn owls, bats, etc.
  • Invisibility
  • The propensity to drain the vitality of victims – via blood loss.

There are several ways for a deceased person to become a strigoi;

  • One way is if a person dies before they are married they are at risk of becoming a vampire. The corpse is then wed to another unmarried person around the same age to prevent them from returning from the grave, If this fails strigoi will return to have intercourse with their spouse, and will attack family members.
  • Corpses walked over by cats are also at risk of become strigoi.
  • A person who is filled with pain and regret will turn into a cat or dog after death and return as a strigoi to torment his/her relatives.
  • If a child is born with a caul atop their head they are said to be likely to become a strigoi viu.
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