Bloodlines Series. Just how many books will there be?

Possible 8 Book Bloodlines Series?

As we all know, after writing the first five books of the Vampire Academy series, Richelle extended her contract with Razorbill Publishing to include seven more books, one of those was the final in the Vampire Academy series, Last Sacrifice.  I’ve read elsewhere that there could possibly be up to eight books in the Bloodlines series, which would be awesome.  I guess depending on where Richelle is planning to take the Bloodlines series in this could be the case, but she could also write less…

Here’s the blog entries where she discusses her contract with Razorbill:

Bloodlines book 1 was released on August 23, 2011. Book 2 is called The Golden Lily and will be releasing May 2012.

How many books do you think there will be in the Bloodlines series?  Any theories on what might happen?

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  • Christianluverrrrrr


  • lorakissed

    Awesome! I hope there are eight books!
    Maybe it depends on how much she writes for certain areas! Cause she left SO MANY AVENUES open in Last Sacrifice… and the fact that the Series is called Bloodlines – and she hasn’t really delved into what ‘Bloodlines’ yet…
    eep! Excitment!
    AND – also remember that we met Joshua etc in Last Sacrifice, she has to take us back to them!

  • Christianluverrrrrr

    ohh….ur right….i liked joshua, he was sweet, but he was a small character, so they should bring them back!!!! especially now that angeline is in bloodlines!!

  • Maria

    I hope she writes as many books as possible!
    The Golden Lily comes out June 19, not in May :)

  • birmangurl

    Hi Maria, thanks for your comment. The date on Richelle’s website still says May 2012 (, which is where I got my info. Just checked the official Bloodlines website ( it says June, lol.

  • Cer Kamber

    Remember how the first book said about a forbidden romance, well whether Sydney likes it or not, she’s going to be more drawn to Adrian. It’s almost like how Rose and Dimitri got together in a way but with a little more reluctance. And what happened between Sydney and Stanton? In Last Sacrifice he was practically in love with her.

  • Vivian M

    Loved Vampire Academy and Bloodlines so the more books in this series the better! Can’t wait to spend more time in this awesome world Richelle has created :)

  • Abby

    8 seems good to me, it only sucks how long itll be to wait til its all finished. I assumed VA was completed so I picked it up stunned that was it had such an ending, not everything was closed with all the characters. The side characters (Adrian, Sydney and Eddie) were what I was thinking about and I loved figuring out Bloodlines with pick up with those three, with Sydney’s POV this time. I loved Rose and Dimitri!<3 too bad her POV is done with VA, but im glad we'll get to see how everyone else is doing (in relationships especially) so it is fitting. Cant wait for this series to be completely done, I just love all the characters. I want Adrian to have his happy ending ^*^ 

  • Jenny Ramsey

    please, please, please don’t make me wait for eight books. haha. i can’t handle the suspense!

  • Cherry

    well that’s so many books which i’m looking forward to! i do wish it was sooner. I absolutely love Bloodlines and Sydney. I like her way better then i’ve ever liked Rose. 

  • Sarah

    No there’s only going to be 6. That’s always been something Richelle does in writing her series. Succubus Blues etc all had only 6. So whoever wrote that it was the first of 8 is wrong because there will only be 6.