Richelle Teases Us for The Ruby Circle

Author Richelle Mead is at it again – teasing her fans about her upcoming release, The Ruby Circle, which is the last book in her Vampire Academy series, Bloodlines.

When we saw this tweet, we really didn’t know what to do with it…

Does it mean that she’s leaving the Vampire Academy world open for more book series, or simply suggesting that the team are going on a world wide road trip?

What do you think?

We’re Closing Down

This might come as obvious news to some of you, or a complete shock to others.

All of us here at are sad to announce that we will be shutting down the website.  After over seven years of passion, love, heart, blood, tears, joy and laughter we’ve realised that our hearts just aren’t in the site as much as they used to be.

Don’t get us wrong, we still have huge love and admiration for Richelle Mead, and this has nothing to do with her – our feelings towards her are still the same. She’s the most amazing author and we love her. It’s just that our head spaces and hearts are moving towards other things.

We would love to keep alive – and have tried to find new, passionate owners for the website but unfortunately we’ve had no luck. If you are passionate and want to find out more about taking over ownership (there is quite a bit to it) then feel free to email Laura – [email protected].

It’s been amazing xx
Laura and the rest of the team.

Ultimate Adrian Fan Casting Tourney: Finals: Nic Wheeler VS Chace Crawford

#FrostbiteFor2015 #AdrianFanCastTourney

The time has come.

Finally – I know sorry guys I have been so sick :( Sorry!

It’s time to vote for the finalist of the #AdrianFanCastTourney. This has been a long time coming, and the two boys up for the final vote have battled their way through many many many good looking fellows to get here.

Whoever wins gets to take the title of “Fan Casted Adrian Ivashkov” of 2014! Who knows, there might be another one next year. Anyway, on to the contenders – who we all know off by heart by now I’m sure.

Nic Wheeler VS Chace Crawford

Nic Wheeler for Adrian Ivashkov

Nic Wheeler is a 31 year old American actor who has made Australia his home. He needs no explanation, as he already has the role of Adrian in the Bloodlines book trailers and specially filmed scenes. He’s embraced the VA family, even stopping by a special screening of the film back in March and meeting a whole bunch of fans.


Nic was up against Channing Tatum and Daniel Sharman in the knockout and semi final rounds and came out on top! Boom. He took down my personal favourite for the win into the finals, Torrance Coombes – will his charm win out over Chace?

Chace Crawford for Adrian Ivashkov

Chace Crawford is 29 year old American actor. He’s most known for his role as Nate Archibald in the tv series Gossip Girl. He has roles in the upcoming films Mountain Men and Eloise. We already know he’s got the brooding rich boy down–can he handle vampire?


Chace has fought his way through against Tyler Blackburn to be here, also Douglas Booth didn’t have a chance in the quarter finals. Up against Max Irons… who? Can he face and win over Nic?


Final: Who is your Adrian?

  • Nic Wheeler for Adrian! (67%, 473 Votes)
  • Chace Crawford for Adrian! (33%, 234 Votes)

Total Voters: 707

Loading ... Loading ...

Voting is open from Friday 5th 12 am EDT, and closes Monday 8th 12 am EDT.

#FrostbiteFor2015 #AdrianFanCastTourney

The Ruby Circle – Cover Reveal!


USA Today reveals the cover of the sixth and last book in Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines Series – The Ruby Circle

Look at how pretty it is!

The Ruby Circle Cover - Richelle Mead“The last Bloodlines novel, The Ruby Circle, comes out Feb. 10, 2015. And we here at HEA get to get the very first look at the cover and hear Richelle’s thoughts on what we can expect from The Ruby Circle. ”
- Read more about it on USA Today

Madeline Zimmerman and mystery model are on the cover again. Those colours are beautiful and those flowers – just WOW. Richelle you’ve done it again. The Ruby Circle is due out in February 2015. CANT WAIT.

What do you think of The Ruby Circle cover?

Ultimate Adrian Fan Casting Tourney: Semi Final Winners!

adrianFCTsmlHope you guys had fun voting for your semi finalists into the finals – we’ve made it, we’re nearly ready for the FINAL. THE ADRIAN DAN CAST TOURNEY is nearly over!

Lets find out who has made it through….

Semi Finals Round 1: Chace Crawford VS Max Irons

Winner: Chace Crawford

Semi Finals Round 2: Torrance Coombs VS Nic Wheeler


Winner: Nic Wheeler

GUYS YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS IT MEANS CHACE AND NIC WILL BE UP AGAINST EACH OTHER this makes me so sad because I want them both as Adrian – again! Seriously tho. Ugh, who to vote for!?

The finals voting will be up at the end of this week – yes that’s right, we are dragging it out! Only because we love you guys of course :P

#FrostbiteFor2015 #AdrianFanCastTourney

Please remember that these fan casts are just for fun and are in no way final and cannot directly influence #FrostbiteFor2015. We’re running these fan castings to help promote and help get donations to make #FrostbiteFor2015 happen!
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Donate on Indiegogo Frostbite now by clicking here,
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